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A natural view of Spirit and Oneness

  • "Spirit of Gaia" is the greatest revelation that I have learned from my near death experience. In this DVD seminar I will share insights from my visitations with the Light concerning 2012, thru 2060 and the StarSeed destiny of mankind.
  • We will explore the Nature of Spirit as an important factor contributing to human and planetary evolution.
  • With humor and a positive prospective I will present a view of a new paradigm that transcends popular concerns of Doom and Gloom. Humanity is in the process of the greatest change in its history and it has nothing to do with conspiracies, plagues or alien rescues. The years between 2012 and 2060 transform our world completely. This change of paradigm would have been impossible in the past and the reasons why may surprise you.
  • Learn about the evolution of Collective Intelligence and its profound effect on humanity
  • See why Demographics are the missing link in the next great paradigm shift.
  • I have seen the StarSeed future of mankind and it is not on planet Earth!
  • I also cover the subjects of Prophecy and the Prophets and why all the legitimate ancient prophecies end between 2012 and 2060
>Read Tesimonials from people who have attended the "Spirit of Gaia" seminars.

Spirit of Gaia - OUT OF STOCK

3 CD set entitled, “Insights from the Other Side”
Contains several conversations from the early years after my NDE.

CD-1 “In the Blinking of an Eye”
1. All ancient prophecies end in our life time
2. The Rainbow Consciousness
3. Evolution of the Soul
4. It is the End of History as we know,
> (You are not going crazy!)

CD-2 “We have already been Saved”
1. Now is the End of Karma
2. The Ungluing of the world (transcending Fear)
3. We are becoming New Creations
4. Revelations about our ancient future

CD-3 “Prepare for the World not to End”
1. The hard work of mankind is over (the future isn’t about survival)
2. We are about to be Born Again
3. Everything we do is Wise

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3 CD Set/DVD Combo Package - OUT OF STOCK

Testimonials from people who have attended the “Spirit of Gaia” seminars:

"I am always inspired and encouraged when I attend any event with Mellen Thomas. In these days when we are bombarded with negativity and fear tactics in so many ways, Mellen’s vision, imagination, creativity and positive outlook are eye opening and thought provoking. Mellen’s love for humanity and our planet is a blessing to all who hear him speak. " - David Patrick CHT

"Hello Mellen Thomas, Gary Chaplin here, from Tucson, Arizona. Thanks again for your presentation Sunday in Scottsdale. You'll recall I approached you just afterward with the comment: "by far the best presentation of the conference." As I drove home to Tucson afterward the shift that began with your talk continued, causing a number of “straws” I'd been using to look at certain things in our civilization to fall away... revealing something wonderful. My appreciation to you for setting that in motion. Based on the shift I experienced yesterday I have no doubt it will stoke inspirational fires all over this planet. In any case, thanks for the work you do!"

"You gave a substantively rich and informative program. I am grateful for all that you have brought back to help us bring Heaven to Earth." – Anent

"Thank you, Mellen A friend and I attended your “Spirit of Gaia” presentation in Chicago at the Unity Church back in July and we were both so taken by the positive message. You have really seen the big picture. It is full of good surprises, great visions of the near future we never thought of and a new look at this world ours. You have given me hope and a sense of peace in my heart that I thought I had lost. You have answered so many questions that I thought could not be answered. Your message really shifted my paradigm." – J.M. Maher

"Mellen! I attended your “Spirit of Gaia” seminar in Ventura, CA I can’t believe it! I was someone who had no hope for humanity and this modern world. But, now I am full of hope. I am moved beyond words. You shared more than the just the most interesting message I have ever heard, you shared your love of humanity and respect for our planet. Now I see that we are all living a greater and more meaningful life than we might imagine. I now feel the Grace and Gratitude you spoke of in your presentation." - N. P. Farrsal

"I had the fortunate opportunity of being introduced to Mellen Thomas in 2010 at the Enchantment Resort in Sedona Arizona where he was speaking. Mellen’s message and presentation about the “Spirit of Gaia” was one of the most profound talks I have ever heard or experienced. The group and I were deeply moved. His message is so real and authentic, a true knowing of the big picture of where we have been and where we are headed as a human race and through these times of great change. I was touched by his love for Gaia, our Mother and his acknowledgement of the Feminine and Her divine role in these evolutionary times. Mellen’s revolutionary Spirit along with his insights & wisdom and direct connection with the Light are a catalyst in leading humanity and supporting Gaia through these times of the greatest change we have ever known. " - Jacquline Heart, Goddess Productions, LLC

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Earth Gaia 101: Mellen Speaks Live in Los Angeles

In a live audience setting, Mellen speaks about Gaia Concepts and the
Earth's past, present and future. Listen to the entire CD here.

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